Donation Action Activities in Burkina Faso

Over the past two years, the association has built up a close relationship with the citizens of the village of Kiri in the outskirts of the town of Bobo Dioulasso. Three years ago, Kiri had an infirmary that was barely operational. The main buildings (infirmary, maternity ward and sanitary facilities) were therefore renovated through the last donation campaigns (see donation campaign report 2021 and 2022). The roof has been repaired, repainted and equipped with new hospital beds and birthing beds, meaning that patients from the region can now receive much better care.
In close contact with the mayor of Kiri and the local association, the next stage was implemented in 2023: adequate confinement of the infirmary. Last year, we already explained how important such a perimeter is for the buildings and the safety of patients on site. Through our regular delegation visits, we were able to stay in contact with the local people, especially the former mayor of Kiri, the head of the infirmary and other committed people, including the A.S.E. association, which also carries out neighborhood projects on site.

Although our 2023 donation amount was not sufficient for the entire project, it enabled us to launch an initiative. Local people mobilized and turned the project into a community effort! Many people from Kiri lent a hand. Services, stones, sand and tools were collected together and after some time and work, the wall for the CSPSS of Kiri was built. We are very happy to have been part of it and to have contributed something more for the village and the villagers. We would like to thank all our supporters in Germany and Burkina Faso who made this possible!
Our cooperation and solidarity with Kiri does not stop here either, but is now bearing even more fruit! Our partner association “Association Woka Kuma” in Burkina Faso has been given a piece of land on which the Woka Kuma cultural center is to be built in the future. For a long time, we have had the idea of placing more emphasis on cultural exchange in the association’s work based on our principles and building our own home for this. A center is being created where workshops, lessons, performances and exchanges will take place – a place for cultural workers and residents of Kiri and Bobo-Dioulasso. The foundation stone was laid in February 2023 and we were warmly welcomed as new residents by the local community!
Furthermore, the next edition of the Belleville Cup 2023 took place in Bobo Dioulasso. A total of 8 teams from Bobo and even further afield played for the trophy over two days. The neighborly atmosphere was great and the players were very enthusiastic.

Donation in kind to Bobo Dioulasso hospital
On Wednesday, March 2, 2022, there was another donation campaign in Bobo Dioulasso
With the kind support of Dr. Fröhlich from Kassel, donations in kind were handed over to the Sorou Sanou Hospital in Arrondissement No 1 of Bobo Dioulasso, a device for deep heat and an ultrasound device.
Both devices are urgently needed in the hospital. The head doctor and the deputy mayor of district No 1 were present for the handover and were delighted with the support.

Football tournament in Bobo
On the weekend of 28.2.-29.2.2022, the 2nd edition of the BELLEVILLE CUP football tournament was held in Bobo Dioulasso, Belleville district! The Woka Kuma Germany Association and “Les amis allemands” were able to support the event financially and with donations in kind from Germany. A total of 8 teams competed and on the 2nd day there was the grand final with entertainment and a concert by Rama Ngoni on the neighborhood’s soccer pitch. Congratulations to the winners from the Secteur 21 district!
The many children present also enjoyed the action and coming together in the neighborhood and got involved in the youth football game.

The winning teams of the 4th-1st were awarded prizes, the first two teams received trophies and sports shoes for the best players.
It was a great atmosphere in the neighborhood and was welcomed by many sides. This annual sporting event is intended to strengthen neighborly cooperation and social cohesion in the neighborhood. We would like to thank the people involved from the neighbourhood, Baba, Moctar and Bara for organizing the event and all the generous donors from Germany who made it possible!

Renovation of the Kiri 2022 infirmary
Last year, the association was able to donate materials such as hospital beds, and this year the focus was on renovating and equipping the premises.
The rooms in the CSPS had been in need of renovation for some time, and now new roof panels and window panes have been installed and the exterior of all the buildings, including the sanitary facilities, has been painted.
On February 27, 2022, there was an official ceremony in the presence of representatives of the Kiri district, the CSPS infirmary, the Burkinabe partner association Woka Kuma Burkina Faso and the delegation of Woka Kuma Deutschland e.V. to view the completed premises. All those involved were thanked on behalf of the population. Especially this year, after the long period of a global pandemic, it was important for the association to emphasize commitment in health care.
We would like to thank all the people who have made this project possible with their contribution and support. 2021
Fundraising campaign 2021 l
Thanks to many supporters from Germany and Burkina Faso, we were able to carry out our first fundraising campaign in Burkina Faso, Bobo Dioulasso. On May 15, we successfully handed over medical equipment for a health station in Nasso, Bobo Dioulasso region.
This was also reported in the local press:
Woka-Kuma Association: Health equipment for the CSPS of Nasso
On Saturday, May 15, 2021, the Woka-Kuma Association donated health equipment to the Center for Health and Social Promotion (CSPS) of Nasso. The ceremony took place at the CSPS.
Five (05) hospital beds, 01 consultation table and boxes of medicines. This is the donation offered by the Woka-Kuma Association to the CSPS of Nasso. The total cost of the material amounts to 600,000 Swiss francs. The gesture was made possible by the support of German partners. In this context, the association also renovated the large infirmary by renewing the roof, the terrace and the paintwork. According to Mahamadi Sinka, President of the Woka-Kuma Burkina Faso association, “This is an initiative that came from the Woka-Kuma Berlin association in Germany. The Woka-Kuma Berlin association and the Burkina association have been working together for almost seven years. It accompanies various activities that we carry out in Bobo-Dioulasso, such as festivals, sponsorships for children. In addition, we organize ceremonies every year to mark the handover of In addition, every year we organize ceremonies to hand over health and school supplies to the CSPS and schools in the 7th district of Bobo-Dioulasso. For Sékou Ouédraogo, who represents the mayor of district 7, “the Woka-Kuma association is welcome. On behalf of the district mayor, we thank them because it is a strong act. We encourage them to do more. The beneficiaries say they are happy because these materials will relieve the population of Nasso in terms of health. Alexis Mihin, Mayor of the CSPS of Nasso and representative of the beneficiaries, did not miss a word to appreciate this gesture. “It is a real need because our hospitals often need medical equipment. We receive these materials with great satisfaction. We hope that the association will have more strength to initiate more activities of this kind. It is a social act that helps people,” concluded the Major of the CSPS of Nasso. The Woka-Kuma association was born in 2003 in Bobo-Dioulasso. It is an association that aims to promote the cultural, artistic and tourist industry. The Woka-Kuma association supports the areas of education, health and environmental protection. We would like to thank all donors and supporters from Germany and Burkina Faso who have made this possible!

Donation campaign ll of the Woka Kuma Deutschland e.V. to Bobo Dioulasso in September 2021
The Woka Kuma Association handed over a donation of medical equipment to the CSPS of Kiri on September 23, 2021.
A donation of medical equipment was made to the Center de Santé et de Promotion Sociale (CSPS) of Kiri, arrondissement N°2, commune of Bobo-Dioulasso.
Unfortunately, it is still a major issue in Burkina Faso that medical centers and hospitals are undersupplied, especially in rural areas. Local doctors and patients can now be better equipped to meet their needs.
This donation consisted of:
4 hospital beds
1 storage table
1 consultation table and medication.
Present at the handover were the Chairman of the Woka Kuma Germany Association Abdoul Aziz Sinka, as well as Christoph Koch as part of the German delegation, the Chairman of the Association Woka Kuma Burkina Faso Mahamadi Sinka, the Mayor of District No 2 of Bobo Dioulasso and the Director of Kiri Hospital.
Fundraising campaign lll 2021
The Woka Kuma associations of Bobo Dioulasso and Berlin (Germany), in collaboration with arrondissements 2 and 7 of the municipality of Bobo Dioulasso, organized a training workshop in animal husbandry and breeding for adolescents and young people from Thursday 23 to Friday 24 September 2021 at the Salle des Fêtes des Arrondissements 7
Topic: Youth and sustainable employment: What contribution do the of Arrondissement 7 organized a training workshop in animal husbandry and rearing for adolescents and young people
Topic: Youth and sustainable employment: What contribution do local partners make?
Through this training, we want to give young people a perspective and promote entrepreneurship in the region.
On the last day, the participants were honored with a certificate and equipped with start-up equipment, such as a chicken, feed and water storage.
Action IV 2021
Another very successful project that was realized in Bobo Dioulasso in 2021 with the help of Woka-Kuma Deutschland e.V. is the “Belleville Cup”. The football tournament brought together young and old from the neighborhood of the “Belleville” district, strengthened the cohesion and motivation of the participants and is an important element for the association to work directly with the population.

We will be holding our annual fundraising campaign to support our partner organization Association Woka Kuma Burkina Faso in Bobo Dioulasso again this year. The association has set itself goals such as promoting education and healthcare. This time, we would like to once again support a maternity ward in Bobo Dioulasso and enable the purchase of important materials such as birthing beds and other equipment. Similar to the 2019 fundraising campaign, the aim is to contribute to the hospital in the Kiri district. Important materials for the maternity ward were successfully handed over.

donations were collected in Germany to bring important materials to a school in the village of Wolonkoto in the Bobo Dioulasso-Haut Bassin region. Together with the mayor of the 7th arrondissement of the city of Bobo Dioulasso, Herman Sirima, a total of 25 school desks were handed over so that several classrooms of the Ecole primaire and Lycée could be equipped. The mayor is also concerned about education, especially in the village regions, as it was previously often difficult for pupils to follow lessons without a fixed seat. The Woka Kuma Germany Association also managed to collect donations to equip the maternity ward in Wolonkoto with solar-powered lamps to make the rooms more pleasant for the doctors and patients. In the maternity ward, in one week Up to 15 babies are born in the maternity ward in a week. Until then, there was no electric light source, which meant that evening or night-time births were often difficult.
The maternity ward in the village of Wolonkoto in the Haut Bassin Bobo Dioulasso region was equipped with new birthing beds for pregnant and birthing women. Another SPSS in the city, which was proposed by the Association Woka Kuma in collaboration with the Mairie of the 7th arrondissement, also received new birthing beds for the maternity ward.
If you also know people in your area who are interested in our commitment and would like to support our donation project, we would be delighted to hear from you or make a donation to our association account.
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