Festival 2021

Woka Kuma Festival 2021 Art and Culture from Burkina Faso took place
despite all the new challenges that we as Woka-Kuma Deutschland e.V. had to face this year, took place on November 13, 2021. In Oyoun we organized an evening full of cultural exchange and encounter.

In the programs we had:

20.00: Film screening of the film “Burkinabé Bounty” de Iara Lee (Cultures of Resistances) (2018).

Burkinabè Bounty is a chronicle of agricultural resistance and the struggle for food sovereignty in Burkina Faso, a small landlocked country in West Africa. Through activists, students, artists and leaders of the local Slow Food movement, the film shows how the Burkinabe people are reclaiming their land and defending their traditions against the invasion of agribusiness. From women gaining economic independence by selling artisanal “dolo” beer, to young people taking to the streets against companies like Monsanto, to hip-hop musicians starting their own farms and reviving the revolutionary spirit of Thomas Sankara, BURKINABÈ BOUNTY shows the creative tactics Burkinabè are using to take back control of their food, seeds and future.

Burkinabe Bounty (TRAILER) – YouTube

20.30h – 21.15h Followed by discussion and exchange with a delegation from the Burkinabe Ministry of Culture.

Invited guests:
Tougouma, Alphonse FDCT: Fond de developpement de la culture et le tourisme.
Taita, Salifou: Directeur Cabinet de la ministère de la culture

21.30 Concert:

Line -Up: Rama N’goni and Faso Orkestra

As a star guest we have invited Rama N’goni from Bobo Dioulasso. The artist has been playing a traditional West African stringed instrument since her childhood and sings and plays the in various ensembles.
Together with Faso Orkestra they will be the live act of the evening.
Line -Up: Rama N ‘goni and Faso Orkestra

Qui est… Rama N’goni?
Alimatou Diakité aka Rama was born on in Bobo Dioulasso. She started making music at the age of 4 with her father Limani Fatiè Traoré. He taught Rama to play the N’Goni. The N’Goni is traditionally played only by hunters and dozos. In addition to her instrument, which she plays perfectly, Rama is also a vocal artist. In 2011, she released “Mougnou” (meaning patience), her first album with 11 tracks. She is currently preparing her second album.

Tickets: 10- 15 € here : https://oyoun.de/event/18074/
Admission: from 19.00
Corona: according to current regulations, means 3G for oyoun