Fundraising activities 2022

In February – March 2022, a small delegation of Woka-Kuma Deutschland e.V. travelled to Bob Dioulasso and was able to hand over our collected donations, maintain our contacts and accompany the Belleville Cup. We would like to thank all donors who supported us in our work and projects! For further questions, comments or more information, please contact us via email.

More fundraising events are planned for the coming year, we are happy about every contribution! For more information about past fundraisers, please visit our other page : Fundraisers

Donation in kind to Bobo Dioulasso Hospital

On Wednesday, 2.3.2022, a donation campaign was held in Bobo Dioulasso. With the kind support of Dr. Fröhlich from Kassel, donations in kind were handed over to the Sorou Sanou Hospital in Arrondissement No 1 of Bobo Dioulasso, a total of one device for deep heat radiation and one ultrasound device.

Both devices are urgently needed in the hospital. The head physician and the deputy mayor of Arrondissement No 1 were present at the handover and were very happy about the support.

  • Sachspendenaktion Krankenhaus Sorou Sanou Feb 22

Football tournament in Bobo

On the weekend of 28.2.-29.2.2022, the 2nd edition of the BELLEVILLE CUP football tournament was held in Bobo Dioulasso, Belleville district! The Woka Kuma Germany Association and “Les amis allemands” were able to support the event with donations in kind from Germany and financially. A total of 8 teams competed, and on the 2nd day there was the grand final with animation and a concert by Rama Ngoni on the neighbourhood football pitch. Congratulations to the winners from the neighbourhood Secteur 21 ! The many children present also enjoyed the action and coming together in the neighbourhood and got involved in the youth football game. The winning teams from 4-1 were awarded prizes, the first two teams received trophies as well as sports shoes for the best players.

There was a great atmosphere in the neighbourhood and was welcomed by many. This annual sports event is intended to strengthen neighbourly cooperation and social cohesion in the neighbourhood. We would like to thank the people involved from the neighbourhood, Baba, Moctar, Bara for the organisation and all the generous donors from Germany who made this meeting possible!

  • Belleville Cup 2022 Tag 1 Anstoß

Renovation of the Kiri 2022 infirmary

Already last year, the association was able to donate materials such as hospital beds, and this year it was a question of renovating and equipping the premises. The rooms in the CSPS had been in need of renovation for a long time, and now new roof panels and window panes have been installed, as well as painting of the exterior of all buildings, including the sanitary facilities. On 27 February 2022, an official ceremony was held in the presence of representatives of the Kiri district, the CSPS hospital, the Burkinabe partner association Woka Kuma Burkina Faso and the delegation of Woka Kuma Deutschland e.V. to view the completed premises. On behalf of the population, all those involved were thanked. Especially this year, after the long time in a global pandemic, it was important for the association to emphasise commitment in health care.

  • Spendenübergabe Krankenstation Kiri Renovierung und Materialien 2022

We thank all the people who made these projects possible with their contribution and support!