Action de dons

Fundraising campaign in Belleville in 2024

Once again this year, we would like to call for donations for a special project in Burkina Faso. After our successful cooperation in Kiri, the members of our partner association have realized that this is not the only place in need of support. In the district of Belleville, the head of the infirmary explained his needs to us during our last visit: the population is growing exponentially and there are many internally displaced people in the city due to the political security crisis. Three years ago, the infirmary was responsible for around 20,000 people – now there are almost 80,000.

However, the current equipment is by no means suitable for this: The infirmary urgently needs maintenance measures, an extension to accommodate the increase in patients, a renovation of the roof and repairs to the façade of two buildings.

We therefore welcome any support for our current fundraising campaign to help the infirmary in Belleville. At the beginning of November 2023, we were on site and planned the construction steps. In February / March 2024, the work is to be carried out by local craftsmen, with whom we have been working together on a basis of trust for many years. We are represented on site with our partner association and are closely involved in the implementation. We work entirely on a voluntary basis and therefore guarantee to donate 100% of the donations to the project.