FESTICO Burkina Faso

FESTICO Festival at Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Traditional music and dance from Colsama

FESTICO is happening under the direction of Mahamadi & Abdoul Aziz Sinka, from the association WOKA KUMA in the district of Colsama with dance, music and the round table, held every two years alternately with the National Cultural Week SNC (Semaine Nationale de la Culture), to the appreciation and promotion of the Cultural and tourism industries.
Cultural exchange with Burkina Faso FESTICO

20-24 February 2019

22. January – 5. February 2018

AHOI was the Artistic Direction „Creative Bridge to Burkina Faso“
Cultural and Social Bonding for students and adults.
with a panel discussion, Workshops at german speaking schools & Lange Tafel e.V
Under the auspices of: Culture minister Tahiron Barry
ABDOUL AZIZ SINKA – Berlin/Burkina Faso


Article about FESTICO 2014 auf: www.lefaso.net
Troupe Orodara Sidiki d’Orodara live – FESTICO 2014.
Salimata Diabate live – FESTICO 2014